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If you manage an office building, you understand how pervasive bacteria and viruses can be, especially during cold and flu season. With dozens or even hundreds of employees, delivery people, and other visitors making their way through your office building on a daily basis, it’s easy to see why so many office workers get sick throughout the year. The best way to cut down on the spread of illnesses and maximize your workers’ productivity is to schedule regular commercial office cleaning in Indianapolis, IN. The team at our company has extensive training and experience with office janitorial cleaning and takes the time and effort to fully sanitize your building’s interior. When it comes to office disinfecting services, count on us.

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Maximize Productivity with Effective Office Cleaning

It’s a simple fact that employees work better and faster in a clean and hygienic environment. They miss less work caused by illness, feel more alert and cheerful, and are able to concentrate better when their surroundings are neat and sanitary. Keeping their surroundings clean, however, can take significant time and energy that your staff can’t spare. By leaving your cleaning tasks to our office janitors, your staff can spend more time focusing on work and less time trying to sanitize their work area or deal with illness.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Cut Costs by Outsourcing Your Office Cleaning Services

Whether you run a multi-level office building that houses numerous companies and hundreds of workers or a small, single level building housing just a few employees, keeping your workspace clean is vital. Unfortunately, keeping a full-time office janitor on staff can be a prohibitive cost, especially for smaller businesses. In addition to their wages, you must pay for benefits, taxes, training, and materials. When you outsource your office cleaning tasks to our skilled and dedicated janitors, you can cut your costs significantly.

Custom-Tailored Cleaning Contracts to Suit Your Needs

Your building’s cleaning needs may differ greatly depending on the size of your building, the number of employees you have, the type of flooring and furniture you have, and other factors. There is no single cleaning routine that suits every office building, so our office janitors custom-tailor each contract to suit your needs and budget precisely. Reach out to our friendly staff to discuss your office cleaning needs and schedule services including:

  • Office Floor Cleaning
  • Green Cleaning
  • Disinfecting and Sanitizing
  • Cross-Contamination Prevention

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